Earth: Season 2!

Updates Jul 15, 2023

The time has finally come to reset the Earth server. We feel the first season of Earth went quite well, but of course there was much room for improvement and are here to provide that!

When preparing for Season 2 of Earth, we decided to make it our most ambitious reset yet. Our setup was pretty bare bones and we've decided to utilize more of it to play into the economy and political aspects of running towns/nations.

You will see this in our list of new features and changes below.

Reworked Town Systems

Our town economic system seemed a bit backwards. Towns that had a higher resident count had the same upkeep as one-person towns and expanding towns didn't become more expensive as they progressed.

This caused some balance issues, so we've decided to rework systems to make make the economy and town involvement much more important on Earth.

Town Changes:
• Base town upkeep increased to $1,500 a day.
• Town upkeep scales per town level (resident amount). For example, a town of one has an upkeep of $1,500 and a town of six has an upkeep of $9,000.
• Towns have a minimum tax rate of 1% per day (capped at $25k).
• Base and bonus town blocks amount have greatly increased.
• Base price of bonus town blocks increased to $250.
• Base and bonus town blocks increase in price by 1% per, capped at $2,500.
• Towns that reach their debt cap are automatically deleted. A town's debt cap is seven times a town upkeep, equaling seven days.

Nation Changes:
• Base nation upkeep increased to $2,500 a day.
• Nation upkeep scales per nation level (resident amount). For example, a nation of one has an upkeep of $2,500 and a nation of ten has an upkeep of $20,000.
• Unlike town, nations do not have a minimum tax rate, however is capped at $50k per resident.
• Nation bonus blocks have greatly increased at each nation level.

Town Resources

Town Resources are a brand new feature we are introducing to give towns a unique economic identity. To discover resources, use /tr survey. You will find minerals, food, or mob drops.

Resources will be produced every day and are collected by the town mayor through /tr towncollect. Nations receive 5% of each of their town's resource production. Kings can collect these resources through /tr nationcollect.

Productivity increases based on tiered amount of residents in your town. This is a booster that applies to all of your surveys:

2 residents: 100% production (base)
6 residents: 150% production
10 residents: 250% production
25 residents: 350% production

Example of a town resource screen

Event War

We've had plans to enable war on Earth for quite some time. Our past setup on Earth Pirate was absolutely not up to par, so we made a lot of changes, including switching the war system we use.

This war system will rely on war tokens and declarations of war. Non-neutral towns generate one war token per day. War declaration books cost a certain amount of tokens (see below), are tradable, and are buyable through the /war menu or through /town redeem.

Surrendering for money, town, or white peace are available if you do not want to fight out a war. This allows for war-time negotiations and adds a diplomatic feature to live war.

At launch, three types of wars will be available: town wars, nation wars, and independence wars.

Town Wars (5 tokens) -
Fought between non-neutral towns. The winning town will take home the base spoils of $25,000 + money made from kills  and points scored during the war.

Nation Wars (7 tokens) -
Fought between towns in nations. The winning nation will occupy towns knocked out of the war by forcing them to join their nation.

Occupation does not give occupiers access to build or manage the occupied nation. Occupying nations will take 25% of town resource production and can set a conquered tax of up to $2,500.

Independence Wars (5 tokens) -
Fought by an occupying nation and an occupied town. If the occupied town fights off the occupier, they will be freed and will no longer have to give town resources or pay a conquered tax. They will also leave the nation they were forced to be a part of.

We will be releasing more war types as the season progresses, including: riots, civil wars, alliance wars, and world wars.

The NPC to open the war menu in spawn

Town/Plot/Nation Management Menu

Having to learn every command to adjust town and plot permissions is the biggest inconvenience to Towny. For this reason, we will be introducing a town, plot, and nation management menu.

Access the town management menu through /tm. This will allow you to set town permissions, toggle town statuses, and utilize other features all in one menu.

Access the plot management menu through /plm. This will allow you to set plot permissions, settings, and other plot management options.

Access the nation management menu through /nm. This will allow you to set nation permissions, toggle nation settings, and other options in one menu.

If you need a quick way to view chunk borders, type /cv. This will place redstone torches around the chunk, making it easy to claim and manage your town.

A snippet of the town management menu

Player Shops

We've elected to add rentable playershops in spawn, similar to Survival. Pay to rent out a shop and you'll be able to edit your own stall!

Player shop section in spawn

Vehicle Crate

The Vehicle Crate was a popular suggestion from our community. The crate features 33 types of vehicles and an exclusive tag!

You can purchase this crate in the keys section of /coinshop.

Vehicle Crate rewards preview

Make sure to keep an eye on #changelogs in our Discord for sneakpeeks and future changes yet to come!