Oneblock: Season 2

Updates Feb 11, 2023

After months of grinding balances and islands, Oneblock has finally reset!

This new season opens the door for new and old players with a fresh start and a ton of new features!

Custom Enchantments

We have added several enchantments, obtainable through XP!

/enchanter will open a menu for you to select between a variety of enchantment levels. You can then purchase XP!

Island Prestige System

Prestiging your island will reset it and give you various rewards!

It costs money and you must meet a certain island level. Each prestige level is redeemable one time.

Access by using /prestige!

Monthly Giftcard Giveaway

The top eight islands on the island level leaderboard for each month will receive store credit!

Check your progress using /warp leaderboard.

Reworked Island Phases

Island phases have been reworked to be more in-depth and last much longer.

We have also added a Nether phase and an enderdragon fight in the End phase!

MCMMO and Jobs

We have added mcMMO and jobs to Oneblock.

Access by using /jobs or /skillname to view a specific skill!

New Spawn

Our build team has been hard at work for months to bring you this new spawn!

There are many regions and room for crates and underground playershops!