Survival: Season 2!

News Jun 17, 2023

Survival has been built by thousands of players who have put countless hours into grinding for their bases, balances, and collections. The network would be nowhere without the amount of effort and love you all have put into playing on Survival these past years. However, Survival hit a stale endgame point.

For this reason, we made the decision to hold a reset on Survival. Although it's hard to say goodbye to our bases, resetting provides a fresh slate for a new era of SMP on ZedarMC and allows us to inject a ton of new content for both veterans and new players to enjoy.

We will ensure that Season 2 of Survival exceeds our expectations for resetting gamemodes. Our past resets on Lifesteal and Oneblock made our gamemodes better, and will make sure that this is the case with Survival too.

New Features

Below are some features being packaged at release today. We will continue updating Survival as Season 2 unfolds, so make sure to stay up-to-date in our Discord!

25k x 25k Dimensions!

We have increased the size of the Overworld, Nether, and End to 25k x 25k blocks! This is quite the increase from last season.

A large issue throughout Season 1 was finding a new, untouched place to settle on the map. By increasing our map sizes, we hope to alleviate a large part of this problem and provide more land to explore!

New Spawn

Our Build Team has been hard at work making a brand new spawn to make loading into Survival even more special.

In addition to the different appearance, we have also added rentable playershops throughout spawn for you to sell items in your own personal stall.

We are detaching from our previous island-style spawn and are making some significant changes regarding the terrain surrounding it.

Brand new crate area in Survival spawn.


PVP on Survival doesn't really have a home outside of KOTH or /warp pvp. For this reason, we've received a lot of suggestions for making a Warzone around spawn, similar to what we have on Lifesteal.

Season 2 will have a live warzone directly outside of /spawn. KOTH has also been moved away from /warp nokeepinventory and put right into the Warzone. Below are some other features we are excited to add to the Warzone on Survival!

Outpost & Envoy Event

A couple of other prominent features coming to the Survival Warzone are a capturable outpost with cash rewards and envoy events.

The outpost is a contestable area that will give money to the person who captures and holds it. Currently the outpost is configured to give $3,000 a minute to the captor (that's $180,000 per hour!)

Envoy events are another feature that will be present in the Survival War Zone. Every hour, chests will drop out of the sky with some useful and unique loot. If you right-click the chests, you will receive the loot and the chests will disappear until the next envoy event happens!

The outpost capture point, capture by standing in the ring!

YourMom Crate

This was easily our most talked about crate (and change) in the Suggestions Forum on our Discord. Credit to Sploww and other members of the community for adding input to the thread.

The YourMom Crate is a bit different from our other crates. We made a few custom items for players who hit level 21 in playtime levels, added items suggested in the thread, and included miscellaneous items to commemorate the community. Check it out!

YourMom Crate rewards preview.

Make sure to keep an eye on #changelogs in our Discord for sneakpeeks and future changes yet to come!