Town of the Month Voting

News Jan 19, 2023

After four weeks of Town of the Week winners, it is finally time to determine Town of the Month!

Below are showcases of each of the eight towns in the running. After reading up on them, vote for which town you believe should win in the Discord poll!


One of the first winners of Town of the Week, Stringville is a large town located in the British Isles. Led by String_, Stringville hosts a large variety of building feats and public works for town members to enjoy.

Features of Stringville: medieval-style building, well-maintained roads, and more aesthetic builds!

Visit by using /t spawn Stringville on the Earth server.


Our other inaugural winner of Town of the Week, Greece is a smaller town led by Mistress__.  Greece prides itself on exceptional building quality and community projects, which can be seen in the below screenshots.

Features of Greece: exceptionally detailed houses and public works, arenas, and a hot air balloon!

Visit by using /t spawn Greece on the Earth server.


Led by ManchestaMan, Manchester is a very large town also located on the British Isles. Neighboring Stringville, there is competition between who is the greater town.

Features of Manchester: railway system, street lamps, expansive land, and community shops/projects!

Visit by using /t spawn Manchester on the Earth server.


Norway is a large town led by _Brutusmann2010. Norway utilises a medieval buildings style and puts a lot of effort into their buildings and maintenance of their roads.

Features of Norway: Norwegian Town Hall, statues, and community projects currently under construction!

Visit by using /t spawn Norway on the Earth server.


A quaint, modern city, Palmetto is led by RealCreeper11. If you would like to find yourself a town that has a theme similar to what you would see in the real world today, here is your place!

Features of Palmetto: city skyline, airport, highways, and high-rises!

Visit by using /t spawn Palmetto on the Earth server.


Led by _Grynderg, The-Union[UEO] is a large town in North America. With many members focused on economy and PVP, The-Union[UEO] is a great place to make money and compete with others!

Features of The-Union[UEO]: town square, surrounding wall, farms, and offices!

Visit by using /t spawn The-Union[UEO] on the Earth server.


A large town led by SirReginald_, Atlantis focuses on desert architecture and economy. When first visiting, you will notice extreme attention to detail.

Features of Atlantis: Cactus Tower, sandstone arches, waterworks, and Elytra Highway!

Visit by using /t spawn Atlantis on the Earth server.


Ellesmere is a smaller town led by RaggedMuffin976. Ellesmere prides itself on builds and community projects, which are littered across the town.

Features of Ellesmere: housing districts, farms, and Ellesmere Castle.

Visit by using /t spawn Ellesmere on the Earth server.