Introducing: ZedarCore!

News Dec 30, 2022

ZedarCore is a revolutionary custom plugin made exclusively for the ZedarMC network!

ZedarCore is a culmination of 3+ months of development and hard work. Our first big plugin release is going to be going live soon! I'll be detailing all the features that come with ZedarCore.

Quality System

The first part of ZedarCore is our quality system. Qualities will be assigned to items you can get by farming, mining, fishing, mob-grinding, crafting, and smelting. Each of these six categories has its own quality system, and you can gain higher qualities by doing each category's actions. This system will massively benefit players who grind rather than promoting automatic farms.

Higher qualities have a selling bonus when selling items of that category.

For example, farming wheat will allow you to gain XP in the harvesting category.

Dynamic Economy

We have created a player-driven economy with this feature of ZedarCore.

This means that you (the players) will decide the prices of items from their base prices. Item prices will increase or decrease based on the total amount of money made from them every 24 hours. Some items may increase in price if they are not sold as much as others. Some items may decrease in price if they are sold in massive amounts.

This change forces you to be competitive and not just build one type of farm.


With the release of ZedarCore, we wanted to completely replace VoidChests due to them causing a lot of lag.

Replacing VoidChests for collectors can be done for free by a staff member.

These collectors have a ton of benefits over VoidChests, including...

  • Not requiring ANY fuel to operate
  • Uses a 15 block radius system rather than a chunk system.
    • This will make it easier for Bedrock users who cannot see chunks as Java players can.
  • Has the advantage of selling based on ZedarCore's dynamic economy.

Tilling Hoes

Tilling hoes allow players to till massive farms with ease!

Most tilling hoes come in a 3x3 or 5x5 configuration with limited uses.

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs allow you to plant massive amounts of wheat, carrots, or netherwart.

These seed bombs are a one-time use that plants seeds in a 10x10 square around where they have been placed.

Crop Wands

Crop wands are used to grow freshly planted seeds on your farms. They also work in a 10x10 radius around where you use them.

They have limited uses, so be wise in using them!

Harvester Hoes

Harvester hoes are here to help you clear your massive farms. They work similarly to tilling hoes radius system.

Most harvester hoes come in a 3x3, 5x5, or even 7x7 configuration with limited uses.

Auto Replant

Auto Replant will help you harvest your farms by hand.

Auto Replant requires credits and can be enabled with a command ingame.

Auto Inventory

Auto Inventory will help you pick up all your hard-earned items.

Auto Inventory does not require credits and can be enabled with a command ingame.


Receipts will allow you to see what you have sold each time. You can view how much each item is sold for and the total selling amount at the bottom.

Important Commands

We've included some commands that you may find helpful when using ZedarCore!

  • /core levels - This will allow you to see your progress in each category.
  • /core prices - This will allow you to see the selling prices of every item.
  • /core receipt - This will allow you to see a log of everything you've sold.
  • /core autoinv - This will enable automatic inventory. (Paid Perk)
  • /core autoplant - This will enable automatic replanting. (Paid Perk)
  • /sellall - This will allow you to sell ZedarCore items.